Fun with Hacktool.rootkit

By skeuos
Feb 2, 2008
  1. What a way to introduce myself - I managed to have gotten a trojan horse that seems to have been around for several years. Not sure how, but I have it anyways. For reference, I'm not a computer *****, but I am relatively computer illiterate.

    Here are some details:

    NAV found Hacktool.rootkit on my weekly scan last night (2/1/08) and successfully deleted it. I've since been following this tutorial to further clean up my system - .

    Ran Sysclean, it found nothing. Followed with NAV scan per Sysclean readme, it found nothing.
    Did not run RootKitRevealer as I figured I would likely not understand the output (why bother installing software that wouldn't do me any good, at least for now).
    Ran AproposFix, it found nothing (but only took ~2 seconds to run - normal?). I've attached the logfile (log.txt).
    Did not run Gromozon removal tool.
    Ran HijackThis 2.02, renaming the exe to Hijackthis1991. Log file attached (hijackthis.log). Did not find any of the following
    Finished running scans, decided to post details and logfiles. In theory, I could be clean, but in reality I suspect I am not. If anyone with knowledge is able to take a look at the logfiles, I would greatly appreciate it. Any suggestions are also welcome.

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