Funky problem with my graph card

By cuddlemeister
Sep 11, 2005
  1. Ok, here's the deal. My computer is about 1 year old and has always worked fine, until one month ago. I was playing GTA: SA and tabbed out to check my msn, and my comp suddenly froze. When I rebooted it, the monitor couldnt find a signal. I rebooted again and it worked. Nvm I thought.
    But now, things are starting to get out of control!

    Sometimes it freezes after some hours, and when I reboot it, "no signal output". Even after 10000 reboots, "no signal output". I put my old graphics card into my pc, and it worked! Then I took my card (the one who didnt work) and put it in my old computer, and it worked! wth! Now I switched them back again, and it worked once again. I have to do this EVERY TIME my computer freezes, put in an old card, start it up, shut it down, put in the "new" card, start it up. and it doesnt work on the first try everytime. this is getting REALLY annoying.. anyone know what can trigger this?

    btw Im using Radeon Sapphire 9600XT and K7N2 Delta-ILRS mobo.

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