Future of Intel and AMD

By Top_gun
Jul 10, 2002
  1. It seems to me that Intel will continue to keep tha lead over AMD since they r able to make chips smaller and cooler. Also tha Mhz count. Intel will reach 3Ghz by tha time Amd has reached 2Ghz and the Average ppl will pick 3Ghz over a 2Ghz, even though AMD 2Ghz is like 3100+(tha Barton). Also Intel will have gone over 1Ghz over tha year, compared to AMD's 400-600Mhz

    At this point the only thing that will help AMD is 3 things.

    #1.Less heat.
    #2.Less power draw 45 amps is not acceptable.
    #3.More MHZ.

    So far with the new Hammer chip all we are seeing is hype and a prototype of it at 800 MHZ that does not run 64 bit code well at all. The Hammer CPU sucks up a wooping 45 amps of curent and will run at least as hot as a XP CPU and will not be at 2 gig's for quite some time.

    poor poor AMD
  2. TS | Crazyace

    TS | Crazyace TS Rookie Posts: 275

    You are saying that an AMD chip at 2GHZ will be as fast as a P4 & 3GHZ? Rating a Clawhammer at 3100+ @ 2GHZ is just plain ridiculous.
  3. Top_gun

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    And I was wrong....it was tha Barton
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