G vs N. networking Q

By Phantombadger
May 30, 2007
  1. I know N is backward compatible with G and B etc etc. I'm looking at N for its range in wireless not so much the other reasons why N is better. I'm working in a budget and was wondering if I still get the range benefits from N with a G adapter. Or is it like the rangebooster and speedbooster series where you can only get the benefits if you have similar parts.
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    Well Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of the commoner and is more of a forum than an actually knowledge base and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt and trusted as far as you can throw the moon.

    Having that said; Routers and adapters utilizing the Beta so too speak of the 802.11N standards are already out and being manufactured by Linksys/Cisco and D-Link. Just because it isnt ratified doesnt mean you cant use it. And in about a year you should see home networks using N instead of G. you must remember that it takes about a year to 3 years for pc technology to become fully adopted by the masses, Extremists and enthusiasts tend to pave the way for these technologies. and if you dont believe me look at SATA drives, it took several years before they became a popular option in Dell's and even so manufacture started call parallel drives PATA drives to jump on the trend and sell more IDE drives. which is kinda sad cuz what are they gonna call perpendicular drives then.

    i just wanna know if I can get the range of N on a G pcmcia/cardbus adapter, or does it have to be N aswell; like the rangebooster set from linksys.
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