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Jun 6, 2003
  1. hi, i have a GA-7VRX board and wanted to know if I can stick an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (2.083GHz) TBred 166FSB on it? I currently have an AMD athlon XP 2100+ but would my board support a 166Mhz FSB?
  2. iss

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    here si the link tot he supported CPU's for the 7VRX boards you need to know whether your board is rev 1.1 or 2.0 the 2.0 rev is the oone with usb 2.0 onboard.

    the list shows that the mobo supports AMD 2600 but only with a 266 FSB. I have two 7VRX's currently one running a palomino 1800 and one running a 2200 Tbred, I am going ot upgrade the palomino to a 2400 t bred next month since I have yet to see a 2600 with a 266 FSB.
  3. sensei

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    I have a 2.0 . Do 266FSB have any benefits and are they more expensive?

    How much are you paying for your 2400?

    What if I got a 333FSB 2600?
  4. iss

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    266FSB is the standard athlon FSB until you get to the barton line of chips which have a 333 FSB.

    the current price for a retail box 2400 at newegg is about 89.00 U.S.

    according tot he gigabyte list a 333 FSB chip is not supported by the 7VRX
  5. sensei

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    what board under $300 supports 333FSB?
  6. iss

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    Any of the current Nforce 2 boards support 333 FSB and the new Kt400 chipset boards support it as well.

    the Nforce2 boards are only about 120-130 dollars U.S.

    current newegg price for the asus A7n8x Deluxe is 127.99
  7. sensei

    sensei TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    Should I invest in a 166MHz FSB motherboard or should I just keep my current board?

    I was looking at the Athlon XP2600+, whats its default clock speed?
  8. iss

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    If you want to run a 333mhz FSB chip your going to need a new mobo. but personally I dont thing a 2600 with a 333 FSB is going to be any big step over going with a 2400 W/ 266 fsb and with the 2400 you dont need a new mobo.
  9. PlayfullyEvil

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    Just a note ... GA-7VRX/VRXP all support USB 2.0. There should be three headers; one for USB 1.1 and two for USB 2.0.

    The Rev.2.0 board has an added surface mounted capacitor resistor (R833) between the voltage regulator (Q36) and surface mounted capacitor (C139).
  10. JSR

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    the 2600+

    is available in both flavors, 266/333..........just get the 266 fsb version, and you'll be set, as long as there is no bios flashing to do, etc.
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