Galax unveils its Lego-compatible DDR5 memory kits


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In brief: With more companies now launching DDR5 memory kits in preparation for the Alder Lake and future Zen 4 platforms, choosing which one to buy isn’t easy for early adopters—unless they’re Lego fans. Galax is launching some memory modules that are Lego-compatible, much like its RTX 3090 Gamer Edition from last year.

As reported by Expreview (via VideoCardz), Galax’s Gamer DDR5 RGB memory has the unique feature of being able to double as a Lego piece. Available in red or blue, they come with an ARGB strip on the top that allows other Lego pieces to be attached to the modules.

The unusual combination of a famous toy brand and a piece of PC hardware isn’t a new one for Galax. Last year saw the GeForce RTX 3090 Gamer Edition graphics card join the Hong Kong-based company’s lineup of unconventional graphics cards, which includes the RTX 2070 Super/2080 Super EX Pink Editions.

The Lego DDR5, meanwhile, will initially only be available in 2 x 16GB kits, with 2 x 8GB and 2 x 32GB configurations to follow. They will offer JEDEC’s standard 4800 MT/s, but there’s no mention of overclocking, pricing, or availability—expect more details when Alder Lake arrives.

Sadly for Lego fans planning to upgrade to a DDR5-supporting platform, Galax’s memory kits, like its Lego-themed RTX 3090, are expected only to be released in China. Which is a shame as combining them both in the same PC would be pretty cool—assuming you’re into that sort of thing.

This week alone has seen GeIL and G.Skill launch DDR5 memory kits ahead of the Alder Lake release. As for Lego, the company recently revealed its largest-ever set: the 9,090-piece HMS Titanic.

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So many homeless in my state. I hope to get rich some day, but not so I can buy toys and bs. If I ever have significant means in this life, I'm gonna help as many people as I can. Used to love tech and games, but the older I get, the less interest I have in anything superfluous and the more interest I have in people.


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My wife and I love Lego. Our house is filled with it. That being said, adding more layers to something is just going to make it hotter. And last I checked, we are actively trying to make our computers less hot. Am I taking crazy pills here?

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It's just a strip of plastic glued to the top edge... if you MUST have Lego on your RAM (I dunno why), just superglue your own Lego onto the top of your DIMM...

All the recent develop of industry ... like strips of light, cases where water cooling r un-necessary, fancy fans etc etc... are based excactly on what you called " I dunno why ". Legos over ram makes no difference, if people like it, let them do :)
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