Game blew up in PC!!

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Dec 13, 2005
  1. Hi, i was playing my game and all of a sudden i heard a shatter noise. Turns out my game shattered inside my drive. I cleaned it all out and now it wont read the disc. Did it damage the eye or did i move the eye outta position?
    I really dont know myself what to do so any info would be appreciated.

    Thank u
  2. cyrax

    cyrax TS Rookie Posts: 69

    Odds are the lens was cracked. even if it wasn't the shattered plastic would have srewed the head moving mechanism. Sorry to hear about it. it happened to a couple of people i know.
  3. mailpup

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    The good news is replacement optical drives are relatively inexpensive and are fairly easy to replace in most PCs.
  4. Otmakus

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    That exact same thing happened to me once, but I can still use the cd rom drive, just make sure to remove every single piece of the cd, odds are ur optic lens is still ok, it's just that a tiny piece is stuck between the gears which prevent ur drive to spin cd.

    Then again, optical drives are now so cheap u may be better off buying a new drive (consider buying a DVD burner).
  5. Federelli

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    The same happend to me, my Diablo 2 CD exploded inside my Samsung 52X Cd drive. The drive never worked again.

    As the guys said, make sure you've removed every single piece of CD, and try seeing wether the lens was scratched.
  6. meNOname

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    ....haha, never heard of anything like that
    way to scare poor i cant have things going and blowing up in m computer
  7. Arcanum

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    That happened once to a friend of mine - it may sound rediculous, but when it happens to you it's not very funny :)

    Anyway, as the guys stated above, you could try to remove the pieces, the lens isnt probably damaged, but the motor could be, since it was spinning to fast in the first place causing this what happened.

    Your safest bet is to get a new drive. It costs less and takes less time than to repair this one. Dont try to repair it yourself if you dont know what you're doing, it could make matter worse (e.g. damaging something else).

    If you ever do or want to copy/burn CDs or DVD, get yourself a DVD+-RW, they are really cheap now :) If you dont want to do any burning get yourself a decent DVD-ROM

    If you need advice on picking one out, I'm sure a lot of people will be glad to help you.
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