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Hey. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but I NEED HELP!

I recently installed 8800 GTS and the comp is crashing when i play a 3d game. Always about 20 mins in stranglehold and a little longer for Far Cry forcing manual reboot (no alt ctrl del stuff). Rivatuner says the card is well within temp ranges (71 degrees during stranglehold). I installed the newest drivers, ive fiddled with the virtual mem but to no help. Any ideas guys??

CPU - Athlon64 X2 3800+
MthBoard - ECS C51G-M
Ram - 2gb DDR2
Gfx - Nvidia 8800GTS (320mb)
Sound - M-Audio Delta 1010LT
PSU - Xilence Power 600w
Hdd - 500gb Seagate SATA



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Did you remove the driver and software for your old card before installing your new one?
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Yeah, Def removed driver for onboard card not so sure about software tho will give it a try and get back to you
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Gettin weird.
Removed all video drivers and software, reinstalled and tried again...same prob.
As always hunting for the newest mobo drivers a mission (ECS no longer support etc.) so i managed to find some updates through driver magician but not sure if they are the best (downloaded files "9.53 nforce 680i winxp..." and "nforce 5.11 winxp..." - CPUZ says my southbridge is an nforce 410/430 MCP are these the right ones?). I installed these anyway with no change.
I Then took out 1 stick of ram and the game opened but it wouldnt load my save (load screen opens then a black screen like its trying to initialize the video but never gets there). Swapped the ram over and the same thing happened but an error came up saying "rendering thread exception: general protection fault history:address 0xb6c622 (filename not found)".
I put the ram back and i get the original prob again.
Is it worth me installing windows on another partition to see if its a malware thing?


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Just make sure on mobo drivers and dx drivers and forceware latest. Try using Driver Cleaner Pro, reboot then install Catalyst , see how that goes.
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