Game issues on Presario 7470

By Fins001
Oct 7, 2007
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    Persario 7470 with relatively origional parts. Try to play games and some work and some drive me nuts. Those that work are Tomb Raider 4, Vietnam (blackops), Commandos B.C.O.D., Need for speed III and high stakes, Monstertruck Madness 2, Delta Force I/II/Land Warrior, occasionally Motorcross madness 2 and prone to cause me trouble are Janes F/A-18, Janes longbow gold, and Falcon4.0 The last 3 love to quit out at some point in, between 5 sec. and maybe two flights. Issue becomes black screen to desktop. I've tried installing a card - could only find Gforce fx5200. Now Landwarrior won't work from menu to play, and my big 3 still respond the same. What do I do [no replacement pc's]. What I have is - 7470 desktop/win. 98se, 2 hard drives, 52X cd drive, 520 MB ram, Gforce xf5200, and current drivers for all [pc parts, games are out of luck].
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