Game soundtracks for download


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/me slaps the RIAA spy with a maple-syrup covered goat...

Ha !!! Those are all legal so go spy on some other forum !!! :D

Anyone else have some links ? Feel free to add them.:)

*2006/07/19 edit*: updated Grim Fandango link


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EA's websites seem to be going through a "facelift" & I can't even find Alice on it ( so far ).


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omg, any links for Toejam and Earl (The Original one)?? that game owned, the music was well funky :D


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He's responsible for the soundtracks of Total Annihilation, Morrowind, Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, Unreal2, Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance, Giants Citizen Kabuto, Star Wars KOTOR & quite a few more.


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TS Special Forces
LOL - good luck getting NFS Underground soundtrack download - those are all popular songs so you'll have to steal them off the internet if you plan to download them - or go to an online music store and buy them there.


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Originally posted by bedlam_4
Where is NFS Underground
That soundtrack was nothing special either. Just turn on your radio & you'll have NFSU worthy material.;)


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The KotOR soundtrack used to be available HERE at one point but it seems to be down due to bandwidth issues.:(


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How aobut ATV Fury...I know its old, but there is a song on there that I want.
Is their any way to get song's off of Console disc's?


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how about vice city I LOVE LOVE LOVE thates songs is there n e way i can get them lagley witout buying them that

thanks :) i no the music is real so i dont know but.... ill probliy end up buying it. but iust terll me if i can d-load it leagley. ITE



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after reading i figured i would have to buy them because i dont like to steal them so if u git any thig where i can get them without stealing them let me no but im prity sghore is quite inpossable :(

Greetings to everyone!
Guys i would really appreciate if you could get Star Wars KOTOR soundtrack.
Neither Winamp nor WMP plays the *.wav files located in the game directory...
The game just blew me away! :bounce:
Thanx in advance:)
Hi there all, just stumbled across this thread over Google.
Fantastic job for putting up those links, they are some of my favourite games of all time.
I collect Games Sountracks as a hobby, here's a list of the sountracks I have, unfortunately I have no web space but if people want to trade they can PM me and we can organise a way to up/download.

The complete soundtracks are:

- Doom
- Dune 2000
- Grand Theft Auto
- Grand Theft Auto 3
- Halo
- Jet Set Radio Future
- Mars Matrix
- Max Payne
- Medal of Honour: Allied Assault
- Need For Speed 2 Special Edition
- Need For Speed 5: Porsche 2000
- Need For Speed 6: Hot Pursuit 2
- Need For Speed 7: Underground
- Probotector (Contra the Hard Corps)
- Ridge Racer
- San Francisco Rush
- StarCraft: Brood War

I also have these to come one day :rolleyes:
- San Francisco Rush 2049
- Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA
- Dethkarz
- System Shock 2 (was on the books but the link may cease the need for this one)
- Aero Fighters 2
- Grand Theft Auto 2
- Battlefield 1942
- Unreal 2: The Awakening

If anyone is desperate for a trade and has something to swap PM me. I would like to share this with all people but I don't have a server to do so, so until I can trading only for now please.