game stall issues with Radeon 7500

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Issues with Radeon 7500

Just upgraded a from a Voodoo3 3000 AGP (which has served me loyally for years now) to a Radeon 7500. After downloading the latest drivers for it, the new card seems to be up and running ok, but I've noticed one major problem. I a lot of games (esp. Jedi Outcast), the game appears to run entirely smoothly at both high and low resolutions with most high quality options enabled, however every twenty seconds or so the game seems to freeze for a split second, then continue. It's not a major issue, but it *is* an annoying one that has not been present before. Any ideas? I have a friend with an older Radeon who has reported similar problems...

System Specs:
Iwill KK266Plus mb w/ Athlon 950mhz
Radeon 7500 64MB (obviously)
7200 RPM 40 GB HD; 40x DVD-ROM
Win98 SE

Any help is most appreciated!


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I noticed this w/ a variety of cards, don't think it's unique to Radeon.

Amount of system ram?

Tried lowering hardware aceleration a tad?


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I've had this problem in Max Payne. I turned of hardware T&L acceleration.. Perhaps you can do the same in Jedi Knight 2.

I have an ATI Radeon 64mb DDR (7200) and I have had no problems with Jedi Knight 2. I'm using the 6094 drivers.
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