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Sep 13, 2004
  1. I'm trying to repair a gamecube for a cousin of mine, and have hit a wall. The system will start up fine, load a game, and then in random spots will give the 'can't read from disk-read your manual' message. I'm wondering if there is some kind of thermal overload connected to either the motor or laser... After I finally got the case opened ( boy is that fun..) I was working on it right next to an air-conditioner, and it seemed to stay running for longer periods of time. Also, the time it takes to shut down decreases with each subsequent attempt. Any Gamecube Guru's in here?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. ---agissi---

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    Im no guru, but I bet the motors circular grip that goes in the middle of the dvdr, isnt gripping the cd very well, and the cd isnt spinning fast enough. This is a common problem on ps2. theres a way to fix it but I dont exactly remember.
  3. originalrock

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    Well, it seems to be an overheating issue. With the cover off and an A/C blasting right up it's..uh..bum? the stupid thing seems to work fine. Would a replacement fan with a higher cfm help? Or will that just cause a new series of problems from the additional power consumption? Looks like I've found my first gamecube mod project....
  4. ---agissi---

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    Ya I highly doubt you'll be even able to wire up a new fan, and when that happens, I doubt it'll get enough power, and if it does, something else probably wont.
  5. GabeA

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    I had the same problem, called nintendo, hassled them alot and they did exchange my unit even though it was out the warranty.
    There seems to have been an "issue" with cooling on the first generation consoles.

    Another tech I know rigged up a cpu cooling fan with its own power supply, its an extra power cord, but the unit is still working.
  6. mivaf

    mivaf TS Rookie

    game cube repair

    I am getting a "no disc" message. I think I dropped the box (i can see asmall crack at the top/bottom joint).

    I am trying to open the box to see if there are any loose wires inside bot I see no screws.

    Has anyone opend a game cube before? what kind of device do you use to undo teh fasteners that holed the top and bottom together?
  7. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It uses convex screws, you need a special screwdriver (see here). I think it's more likely that the laser is damaged / misaligned than wires would be loose.
  8. mivaf

    mivaf TS Rookie

    Thank you for the scoop on the special screw driver(?).
    I need to order one.

    I di try to see of the laser is on. I removed the black insert on the the cover and looked for reflections. I could not see any, so I assume the Laser is defective.

    These are solid state devices and should not burn out but I guess they do.

    Can these be purchased and replaced?
  9. Mictlantecuhtli

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    The laser itself might work, but its suspension might be broken. Does the disc spin up at all?

    I'd say it's cheaper to buy a new (or used) GameCube than to repair it, spare parts can be quite expensive / hard to find.
  10. mivaf

    mivaf TS Rookie

    the disc spins fine ( it is still spinning when I open the cover) but I still get a "no disc" message.

    I am starting to see the light about repairing my GC.

    The tool alone is going to cost $ 22. plus laser about $ 25 and since I haven't done this before, I am sure something else will crop up.

    Have you had any luck with sending your unit for repairs?

    I found a place that charges a $55 flat fee which includes shipping and handling.

    Slightly cheaper that buying a new one.

    I do not get the thrill of POSSIBLY repairing it. ( I just decided I can live with that)

    thank you for the help
  11. Kinsman

    Kinsman TS Rookie

    Instead of buying a screwdriver, you can;

    -Partially melt the point of a biro (after removing the ink and nib)

    -Press it into the screw while still soft

    -Leave in for a few seconds, then take out and wait till hard.

    I've actually done this whilst LED-modding my gamecube, and it works really well. As long as you're careful nothing is likely to go wrong, and if it does then it's easy to fix (paperclip in the hole to gouge out the plastic).

    Seriously, it's easier and safer than you'd think.
  12. eatchikinmor

    eatchikinmor TS Rookie

  13. pmarion

    pmarion TS Rookie

    Game Cube part (DOL-FRNT-02) needed

    A co-worker's son fell on his game cube. When I opened it up to inspect it, the front card (DOL-FRNT-02) was broken. The board was snapped where the reset switch attaches.

    Does anyone here either have a dead cube they want to part out, or know where I can buy this part?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. nanosaur

    nanosaur TS Rookie

    My Gamecube says that there is no disc. There are no cracks and the Gamecube didn't fall. Does anyone Know how to fix it. :confused:
  15. gamerchica61788

    gamerchica61788 TS Rookie

    Game Cube Dilema...

    Hey people. I'm new and as a welcome to the site i have a problem for you. Ok, I have a gamecube that i want to fix for my friend at school. ok, we started the stupid thing and the system starts but the motor doesn't move. I am trying to find a way to see if power is there but the problem is that you have to remove the motor from the a matter of fact, the motor is right next to me. lol. Anyways, i need help! Where could i go to get a new motor, check the one i have, or fix the thing before i smash it with a mallet?
    HELP ME.... :confused:
  16. Zoap

    Zoap TS Rookie

    Hi all im new here and as of late my gamecube cant read games unless they are new. It does not spin the disc, and when it does read it it will skip somtimes and give me the msg bout seeing nintendo instruction manual. Also the game is pretty messed up scratch wise but it doesnt seem to be a problem in my friends gamecube. Any ideas on how to fix it.
  17. kougawolfdemon

    kougawolfdemon TS Rookie

    I just bought my gamecube(on ebay). I bought a game today(Starfox Assault), and it wont read it, its not the game cuz its new, and b/c I also tired all of my friends games. The power works, I can see the screen, but it takes me to this menu selection thingy(options,mem card,calander,game play) so I go to gameplay and its says "Please insert a Nintendo Gamecube Disc". It just starts up, it wont spin the disc around or nothing........please help....or I'll just end up selling it on ebay, and then blaming the problem on the shipping company(fedex,USPS,UPS)
  18. x_water

    x_water TS Rookie

    i have THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. as he said, help?:(
  19. diamondlovedust

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    Each time i try to start up the gamecube it ether does not spin the disc or it dosn't read the disc i dont know if it is just because it is really old or if the lens or something is broken can someone help me?
  20. x_water

    x_water TS Rookie

    i think i have a soloution, it worked for me but sometimes screws up. go to the site listed here

    (if u dont have a gamebit screwdriver, google how to make 1)

    P.S- results not garuenteed
  21. SlickRick

    SlickRick TS Rookie

    The gamebits used to open the Gamecube only cost about $6-8. They also can open up SNES, Nintendo 64, Turbo-Grafx and PC-Engine, so concider it an investment.

    diamondlovedust, gamerchica61788- Its likely that the spindle ins't moving as a result of a bad laser. If the Gamecube can't detect a disk as being inside of it (because it can't read it- because the laser broken) then it has no reason to try and spin the disk.

    The same goes for your "Please insert a Nintendo Gamecube Disc" error. The laser could very well going bad. Luckily, there are adjustments you can try, and there are replacement lasers out there on the market that cost far less than an entirely new GC system.

    You can find detailed instructions here:
  22. kronos

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    4.5mm screw driver or bit. look it up on google.

    for those of you who have disc read errors, you may need to recalibrait the laser. go to, go to gamecube, then hardware, you should then go to faqs and guides. in the list look for lasser lens calibration. this guid helped me make my gamecube last a lot longer than it would have had i not done this.

    I couldn't get a hold of a screw driver and I tryed the "bic pen method." the problem with bic pen is that if you fail, you fuse the two plastics together. you will never open the screw again. well, actually, that's not quit true. I'm one of the unlucky poeple that failed. so i decided to dig out the entire screw hole. the plastic not only fused with the other plastic but it also turned the entire screw hole into one big screw. so I carved it out the holes with a knife and opened the gamecube that way. when I finished what I wanted to do on the inside I used strips of duct tap to close it up. I would not advise the bic pen methode.
  23. air1welch

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    how to fix error

    okn im a fourteen yearold noob but I've fixed this kind of problem time and time and time and time and time works with ps1, pss2, xbox, xbox 360, gamecube. The lens is probably dirty.....u can clean it by wiping off the lens with a cutip and rubbing alcohol.
  24. --Jesse--

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    I need to open my gamecube to clean the inside, and I cant seem to find and screws or anything...can someone help me?
  25. bluediamondfox

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    M..... I´ve read the hole posts here, and I have the same prob.. I don´t know if this help someone but every time my gamecube show me that .......... error thing, I just turn off the GC, take the disk out, and carefully with some cotton and very little alcohol clean the disc lens, (of course without pressing too much). Doing this, I re-insert the disk turn on the GC, and problem solved the GC now works perfectly, the only thing I notice is that somehow the games become much fasters, and I don´t mean the loading proces but the gameplay as well.:slurp: ​
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