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Gamer - grey screen loading games

By PatBack16
May 9, 2006
  1. Gamer

    Hello my name is pat i play lost of games you guys seem liek you know alot about computers. I needed help on something see i started up my pc yesterday and as i tryed to load up my game(Mdeal Of Honor:Spearhead) it went to a gray screen as it was loading but stoped and froze at that point if anyone could help me with this problem plz do.

    Ps: i also tryed it with MOHAA and CounterStrike and it just doesent want to load up, also i have reinstalled the games and reinstalled my drivers and still nothing doing.

    I have a Geforce Fx 5700Le.
    Hope you guys can help :D.
  2. PatBack16

    PatBack16 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I was worreid you guys wouldnt know what to do well im goign to look around and see what other people have to say. If you coudl help me i would be greatful. Ty
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