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Jul 21, 2006
  1. I'm wanting to order a gaming computer and would like a few suggestions on what websites to get one from.
    I already know of Alienware, and that may be a option I take since they have their own credit card.

    I'm looking at spending about $2000 give or take, without monitor. And probably AMD for the processor.

    Also, as far as video cards go, is SLI the best way to go when it comes to gaming?

    Is there anything around the corner that will release soon that I should wait for in terms of hardware? Making the current setup that I will go with cheaper, or making for a better setup.

  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I think there are hundreds of such websites / companies out there, and it would be easier to reply if we knew in which country you are.

    That said, GamePC computers look pretty good (as in specifications, I don't care about bling).
  3. mstpaintball

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    I'm from the USA.

    Also, I'm mainly looking for companies that offer their own credit card for financing. I only know of 2 that do, Alienware and VoodooPC, but VoodooPC is way overpriced.

    I'm not looking to order from companies like Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sony, etc.
  4. mstpaintball

    mstpaintball TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 64

    After crunching some quick numbers, I think I'll build my computer mostly myself instead of buying something like a Alienware. Looks like I can save as much as $1000 for a similar setup if I do it myself.

    The problem with financing is this. I'm 21, I'm not in College, and I've never had a Credit Card before, so getting a card like a Visa is hard to do because I have no credit, not that I have bad credit, its just that I don't have any. I have a new car, which would be a great way to build credit, except its not in my name, because my insurance would be like $3000 - $4000. So I have to get Store Credit Cards like a Walmart, Target, or possibly a Alienware and build up my Credit. Newegg has their own credit card, and I can probably quailify for Paypal Buyers Credit for Paypal Purchases only.

    Looking around there are some cases I like just as much as Alienware, or I could get a Alienware case off ebay if thats the look I decide to go with. I really wanted a Alienware Aurora 7500 in the Martian Red case, but it looks like they no longer offer that color anyways.

    Saving as much as a $1000 sounds good to me. I'm gonna drop some questions in the Cooling Section.

    Thanks for the help.
  5. N3051M

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    If you got a part time or full time job then it is more easier for you to get the credit card, since if you dont have a credit rating for being a first timer, they look at your income and if you are able to pay it off.. I know this because i just recently signed up for one and they do tell you this on one of their faqs..

    However, tempting as it is to use it, make sure you have enough allowances (after taking away budget for food, expenses etc) to repay the amount of your CC bill.. and you do know that if you pay only the minimum it'll take you years to pay off the whole thing.. so a good tip would be to pay double or triple or how much you can of the minimum to pay it faster (inside the interest free period off course).
  6. mstpaintball

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    Thanks for the tips, I had no idea that they checked your current income when applying for a Credit Card. I've also been told that they check your account balance for your bank account. They do all that in the 30-Second Online Approval? I think all they ask for is Date Of Birth and Social Security Number.

    I think I make pretty good money, but something that you have to think about with monthly payments is whether you've got the money or not, do you really want to be giving them X amount of dollars a month. I found this out with car payments, but I love my car and the payments aren't bad (about $415 but I like to pay extra like about $515 to get it paid off quick). I also still live at home so lol....sshh.

    Funny though, a year or so ago I got "Pre-Approved" for a Paypal Credit Card (Mastercard I think) for my good record with Paypal, ended up not being approved for it lol. But I'm making more money now working somewhere else, and I'm pretty sure that I have more money in my bank account than what I had at the time. I get paid once every two weeks though, but it looks like I'm going to be having about 5hrs of over time every week.

    I get paid again on August 3rd I think, so I'll probably just go ahead and pay for some of the computer parts (Motherboard and CPU probably) then, instead of charging them, and charge most of the rest (Video Cards probably).

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your Credit Card from, PM if you would like.

  7. N3051M

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    Maybe its because i'm in australia and you're over at the USA.. like anything there's bound to be some differences in methods (as we dont have social security no.s.. probably something else tho..) and after i went for the online thing and answered their Q&A form it took a few days before they sent the credit card over, so i assume that few days were assesing my ability to pay etc.. I got mine from Virgin Credit Cards Australia..

    Like the method you do with your car is probably the best method to pay something off.. and being at home means you just have to chip in for the bills only, which is still cheaper than living by yourself (i live at home to :D).

    Haven't gone around to use it as yet, coz i looked at some of the shops and some have a 3% surcharge for CCs.... it just sucks.
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