GDDR2 and GDDR3.. What's the difference?

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Jun 5, 2007
  1. i was looking to buy a new graphics card and found that there are GDD2 and GDDR3 cards. whats the difference between a card that has GDDR2 and a card that has GDDR3? is it a performance difference? is it a major difference?
  2. k.jacko

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    GDDR3 requires less voltage than GDDR2, therefore much better for overclocking. Not a huge difference in standard performance though.
  3. jamie2108

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    ok thanks :cool:
  4. wolfram

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    Also GDDR3 runs cooler, and can operate at higher speeds than GDDR2 :)
  5. cfitzarl

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    Basically, when picking out a video card.....the memory type shouldn't be a tie breaker....yes, it's important....but there are more important parts to the video card like the bit size of the memory, Pixel Pipelines, and other things :) . I can see from above that your main answer has been answered, so I thought I would add this little tidbit :D
  6. JimShady23

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    That is true and GDDR3 usually is installed on the card at a higher speed then

    Be warned about cards offering 2x the memory for a cheaper price as most of the time it will be GDDR2 clocked much slower than a card with DDR3...

    Take for example look at these 2 cards:

    The first one offers 512mb of Ram with a 128-bit interface for $114.99

    The second offers 256ms of Ram with a 128-bit interface for $149.00

    Other than the memory difference it seems to be the same card and it seems to be a no brainer that the first choice would be the way to go as it offers twice the memory and is $35 cheaper. Well not so fast, athough the first card does offer twice the memory it is DDR2 clocked at half the speed as the second card. 667mhz on the first card compaired to 1400mhz on the second card. That given the second I garuntee you will outperform the first card. Although the 512mb my help with huge resolutions...
  7. wolfram

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    Yep, but a 512MB DDR2 8600GT won't handle a 2048x1536 resolution better than a 256MB GDDR3 one. The GPU is not fast enough for those insane resolutions :)
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