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By dealguy2
Aug 14, 2004
  1. This is all over the internet.. but I didn't see anything here (and lets face it.. I was hoping to get some referrals! <grin> ).
    Anyway here is the deal.. There is this company called Gratis Internet which has a freeipod site up. You got to signup and then enroll in one of their offers (they have stuff like sign up for an AOL trial, Signup for rhapsody music trial, signup for a GM credit card etc..). I think the AOL signup (50 day free trial , ie u can cancel in maybe a week or two and not pay a cent) is probably the best..
    Anyway I digress, you have to signup and complete one offer, then refer 5 people who also have to complete an offer and then they ship you an ipod (either the mini, or the new 20GB ipod with the scroll wheelie).
    Here is my referral link if you wanna sign up
    I know this sounds shady, and honestly it did to me, but I googled a lot and there are people on websites and message boards all over the place who have pics of their ipods and scans of their packing slips (all being charged to above Gratis internet company), and links to order status pages on with like $24K in orders of Ipods. So this seems pretty legit.. Here are some of the sites I found talking about this
    You don't have to,but if you do think this looks legit... It would be cool if you could signup under me using my referral link
    Apparently this company does lose money when someone does get their 5 referrals and they have to ship them an ipod, but the company is still making money since most people don't actually manage to refer the requisite 5 people so the company gets to pocket all their referral fees.
    Anyway, you are intelligent people so you can decide for your own. (All I know is that my credit card has $0 fraud protection, so even in worst case scenario, I am not losing much)
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