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GeCube ATI Radeon X1300 512Mb not working

By mrarchangel ยท 4 replies
Mar 19, 2006
  1. hi,

    I've tried fitting a 512Mb gecube radeon graphics card (same model from 2 different suppliers) and found it doesn't work in my pc. The pc seems to come on as normal (the optical drives open and there are no unusual beeps or other odd noises) but the power light on the monitor does not turn green. So basically no power is going to it. The spec of my computer is as follows:

    dell dimension 8200 (P4) - 3 years old
    dell CRT
    2.8Ghz Processor
    512Mb RDRAM
    generic dvd-rom
    generic dvd-rewriter
    freecom 320Gb external hdd
    netgear wireless access point
    AGP 4X (maximum) capacity
    500W sparkle blue storm power supply
    agp aperture size set by system by default in BIOS: 128Mb
    BIOS version A09 (dell don't have anything later than this on their web site)

    there is a molex connector on the X1300 which I connected to the psu just to be absolutely sure the thing was getting enough juice

    I'm assured by everyone, everywhere that an 8X AGP card (any 8X card) is compatible with a 4X port and that if such a card isn't it won't even fit in the slot but I don't think this is entirely true. I think my case illustrates this. The card I use at present is a Radeon 9600XT which works fine.

    I've used the psu calculator


    to work out what the power requirements would be with the X1300 in place with worked out to be 288W...

    ...but the monitor remains completely dead as soon as I put the X1300 in place. Several of us have scratched our heads trying to work out why it won't work. Any insights would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    PS If anyone out there is a dell engineer and has any idea what's going on it would be great.
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

  3. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    It does sound like it's running the 9600 driver. Did you do as rik said, uninstall the 9600 drivers first and the 9600 card in device manager before installing the new one?
    Keep the molex on the X1300 when you install it again. Let Windows find it and install AVG drivers. Then you can install the new drivers.
  4. mrarchangel

    mrarchangel TS Rookie Topic Starter

    GeCube ATI Radeon X1300 512Mb not working 2

    thanks very much for your help rik and kirock. i tried your suggestions but the card resolutely failed to send an image, any image, to the monitor. i've been to every web site i can find, read about voltages, agp architecture, scoured forums...i guess i'll never know why the card point blank refuses to work in my system. i've decided to send it back to scan. at least i now have an excuse to buy myself a new computer for xmas. thanks again.
  5. jkai12

    jkai12 TS Rookie

    I am having this problem as well.

    I have:
    Dell Dimension 8200 P4 2.2ghz
    agp 2x/4x

    ATI Radeon X1300 pro

    I have upgraded the power supply from 250watt to 350 watt which is the recommended wattage for this card, upgraded bios firmware to A09 and installed new chipset drivers. Has anyone figured out a solution to getting no video at all? My dell abcd LED code on the back of the machine has ABC as green and D as Yellow/Orange. According to the code list from dell this referrs to "Other Failure" so that doesn't really help much... Any suggestions?
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