GeForce 4 MX440 Video Out HEEEELLPPPP!!

By sharktech · 5 replies
Aug 19, 2003
  1. Guys Really Need help on this!

    Im trying to run a 10m video & audio cable from the GeForce 4 MX440 64mb video out to the tv downstairs.

    For some reason the bloody thing wont work, but it will work with the 1m cable i got and luggin the baseunit, keyboard and mouse downstairs, the only option i could think of is to buy a bigger psu but a friend said that wouldnt work he advised getting a signal booster for it instead.

    Can anyone help me solve the problem before i throw the whole thing out the window lol

    Many Thanks in Advance
  2. poertner_1274

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    I think your friend is correct. It is simply losing too much power across that long line. I would suggest getting a booster, or trying to minimize the distance traveled and get a smaller cord.

    BTW, :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave:

    Hopefully we can get you sorted out as soon as possible. Enjoy your stay.
  3. ToRN

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    distance is the problem. A stronger PSU will not affect anything like that. A signal booster is an option, but rather expensive. You could try a device that sends those signals by air. You connect the short svhs cable to the sender, and a receiver to your tv. BUT I'm not sure if your vidcard will detect the sender as a valid output. You can get one from Medion (the MD4008) for something of € 50.
  4. Nic

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    10m of cable will certainly cause loss of signal, but I can't see it causing no signal at all (assuming that's what you mean when you say it 'won't work'). 10m isn't really *that* long and so I'd expect at the very least to see a 'grainy' picture of some kind. I'd check the cable first, using some kind of circuit tester (e.g. DVM) and I'd also make sure you have the correct type of cable. If these are both fine, then cable length is the only other possibility, as pointed out by others here. There are low-loss cables available, and that might help, but a signal booster would be both a better and cheaper solution.
  5. ToRN

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    If the signal is that weak with a 10 meter cable (low q cable, interference, ...) than the vid card would not recognize the TV and therefore will give no output.
  6. XtR-X

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    First, do you know exactly how to set up the clone or what you're trying to do before jumping to conclusions?

    Display properties > Settings > Advanced > GeForce 4 MX and find the window for connecting to the tv or whatever and put clone. Make sure it's connected to the tv before activating the clone.

    How large is your power supply?

    I used to have a GeForce 4 MX 440 64MB so I remember this. I don't remember it completely but I can tell you once you get to:
    Display properties > Settings > Advanced >
    there may be a difference in the steps I've said, because I'm now using ATi. I can't directly look and really give you the exact steps but I'm sure you'll find it. :grinthumb
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