geforce 6600 problems

By Boins
May 31, 2007
  1. hey everyone

    I've recently bought a 2nd hand graphics card of a friend, it was working fine on his computer
    but when I try putting it in mine I get nothing other than getting a number of bios beeps

    generally there are 2 beeps, followed by 8 fast beeps. and after a few more seconds of silence 3 short beeps.

    at first I only looked up the 8 beeps and saw that this was related to the new GPU card.

    would this mean that I have got a dud card?

    i've seen on the box that I need a AGP 2.0 compliant motherboard

    however I've got a 3.0 compliant apparently

    (Soltek SL-KT400A-C)

    this is the site i found that gave me the bios beeps.

    (i do have amibios on this system)

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