geforce 6600gt screen lines

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hi, just put in a 6600gt and everything, drivers, etc installed fine. however, once i ran a game, dotted vertical lines appeared down my screen and remainded for the duration of gameplay. the screen is fine once i am back in windows. does anyone know what could be causing this problem? i tried reinstalling drivers. please let me know, thanks



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Does it do it in all games or only in one? It could be a game issue(check for a patch), if it's only one game, or it could be a defective/overheating gpu if it's in all games.
it does sound like an overheating problem but that makes no happens immediately upon startup of games and the diagnostic that measures card temp says that its well within the accepted range


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Then if it's not the driver either, it's probably a bad graphics card. If you haven't already, try some different drivers, older and newer.


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Riggins, I am having the same problem, been fighting it for months. Did you figure out what was wrong? What watt power supply do you have. I have a 350 and was told to upgrade to at least 500, so thats my next step.
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