GeForce 6800 question

By hawkeyekw
Mar 8, 2006
  1. I just purchased a new dell xps400
    3.0 pentium Dual core
    2g ram
    GeForce 6800 card
    I appear to be getting shadows (small almost unnoticeable lines) or graphic annomalies rolling upwards on the lower 3rd of my monitor when running. They are very slight and depending on the terrain, snow, desert ect. playing America's Army(notice as shadows on snow, distorted terrain on desert). Is this the card generating the texture and normal or is it something else ? It really doesn't affect play adversly, I just wonder if it should be there. Occasionally/not often I also will get one interference line in this rolling shadow/annomaly. Just curious, not used to playing with a system this powerful. Old one was a Dell 1.8gz, 512 ram and geforce fx5200.
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