GeForce FX Go... What Laptops carrie them?

By cold_fusion
Jan 2, 2004
  1. Hello.

    1. What are the laptops that come with Geforce-Go video cards?

    2. Is that a good video card for laptops or ATI finally got some "decent" driver-programers?

    thanx a lot everyone
  2. PreservedSwine

    PreservedSwine TS Rookie Posts: 325

    ATI's mobilty line-up is superior to Geforce-Go line-up. Best/worst driver, pick your medicine...they're both plenty stable, just not exactly cutting edge performance:cool:
  3. ak_in_charge

    ak_in_charge TS Rookie Posts: 119

    I agree, I think the ATI line is far better then Geforce-Go line up.

    ATI is starting to make improvements with their drivers.
  4. somekid007

    somekid007 TS Rookie Posts: 271

    dell inspirons carry both mobitliy radeon and geforce fx go from model to model. while i agree ati for the most part has a better line than nvidia, i have to note the the gforce fx go 5200 does far better than the mobility radeon 9000 and 9200 anything above that is ati all the way
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