GeForce RTX 3070 vs. Radeon RX 6800: 41 Game Benchmark


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DLSS is even worse. Its just a check mark to lower your resolution when your ego wont allow you to do it manually. Want better performance at 4k, then just run the game at 1440p. That's DLSS logic, deception 101. DLSS is the biggest deception scam I've ever seen in PC tech. How they constantly get away with flat out lying to customers is beyond me. 4k with DLSS is not 4k and should not be advertised or reviewed as such. It should be 1440p with DLSS to artificially resemble 4k. And any performance comparison to it should be done at the same resolution, not the BS artificially upscaled resolution.

Most games on the new consoles have to drop the resolution below native 4K to achieve 60fps and sometimes even 30fps depending on the game. Yet, they call it dynamic 4K because its being scaled to 4K. I agree that no reviewer should equate DLSS with native 4K, but its also not the same as just running at 1440p or some lower resolution either. What DLSS offers is better performance with lower quality loss than just dropping the resolution down. And it works most of the time quite well. I don't think Nvidia is being deceptive here, they have been quite forthcoming with what DLSS actually is and some games even show you the rendering resolution vs the scaling resolution.

The bottom line is no GPU available, console or otherwise is truly capable of running all the latest technology at 4K or even 1440p at that matter. RT, from what I have seen, is actually less of a hit in most games than going from 1080p to 4K resolution, but its not far behind. Running games at 4K is a major hit on performance compared to 1080p, just look at the numbers above in every game its greater than 50% reduction in frame rates, while 1440p is about 15-30% drop in frames depending on the game. The purpose of DLSS is to give better quality than simply lowering the resolution for better performance. Sometimes it works great, other times not so great, but right now its the only way to get '4K' with High RT at a playable framerate. The consoles are already struggling with native 4K with the minimum RT and 30fps, to get to 60fps requires RT off and dynamic resolution scaling which has been shown to dip under 1440p at times depending on the game. By the end of this console generation GPUs will be pulling off RT and 4K with ease, but we're just not there yet, they'll need to be at least 2X as powerful as the RTX 3080 and 3X if we're being honest.
If you already said this
The RX 6800 does offer an advantage with its larger VRAM buffer. At 16GB you’re getting twice as much VRAM and that’s going to be of benefit in the not too distant future. We’ve got a few present examples where the RTX 3070 is hamstrung by its 8GB VRAM buffer.
how come do you still recommend RTX 3070 ?
c'mon it worth to pay 80 more bucks for having 16 G of (V)RAM ...
if you want 4K you should go in Premiere League with 6900 XT or 3090 ...
by far I recommend 6800


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Still rtx 30xx t.c round good like a all amd.
the cpu and ram gets IT too. fps are just costing you more and more no in this toyota corona 2020 times.
Just get out in real life and do some hard work. is sys tem req are too high you juast wait and wait for new hardware puts in better tested drivers from amd intel nvidia matrox gpu.
Faster ssd 3 sata 4 when it arrives. m.2 future proofed to mini big pcie 3.0-5.0 and a nice 64 gb ddr5 ram modules. waiting for 12 th gen but will give 11 th gen a chance too. laptops now runs just like a desktop pc.
unigine 3dmark dlss 1 2 test makes it look nicer whit a good 20xx-3000 series. if the prices not going down we can not play cyberpunk patch 1.06 so good and other games with 1080p-8k textures and you must have bigger hdd ssd m.2 disks. and a hll of a adsl line.
tink if windows 10 get 8k textures and so on.
you must then upgrade too more ram like ddr3-ddr5 ram. we just have to wait if 11 th gen gives us THA boosr and 12 th cpu gives more future proffed tecs.
if windows 10 live dvd comes out it would be more easy. in with dvd usb bd r or sony 5.6 tb medias and out when done. no more virus trojans can take down a ram rom system. so unbutu live dvd are just nice for som moments and then out to next desktop pc laptop arm.
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Tom Sunday

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RX6800 is a nice joke.

Only available in two (2) computer shops in the whole of Greece and sells for 1190 euros average apiece which is, uh let's see, more than 2 times its MSRP price.

RTX 3070 is more widely available and sells at 1.5 time its MSRP.