GeForce vs Radeon: Best Value GPUs Right Now


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I've been waiting this long for a suitable upgrade to my GTX 1060....I can continue to wait and watch the prices drop.

Alfatawi Mendel

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Not a word from Techspot about the release of the GTX1630. Nil. Nada. Zilch. They must be the only outfit in the worlds Tech fraternity not to test one. We are waiting with bated breath....


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1440p IS the resolution!
Wrong. 1440 is a vertical resolution, and doesn't match any standard picture format. That's why it isn't valid the way "1080p" is. 720p, 1080p, UHD, 4K, and 2K are all codified standards.

In fact, historically, 1440 was a horizontal resolution used primarily by Sony in a weird half-assed format that they stretched out to 16:9. This was around the time of HDV junk.

Next thing you'll be spewing is some '90s-style "EVGA" crap.
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I can't see the value in none of this chips unless the prices go below msrp at least 30 percent, and the reason is that next generation is here and also the milking of the last 2 years ..the end
You assume there is room to discount by 30%. That is, unfortunately, not a good assumption. On some cards it might be possible, on others maybe not. As for "milking", well that is supply and demand. The fact is, if the prices had been lower, supply would have been impacted even more.


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My issue with an article like this is that you assume that all GPUs will deliver "value". In my opinion, if a GPU cannot deliver 60FPS at a minimum, then it doesn't have much value, regardless of the price. The RX 6500 XT seems to be the red-headed step child here. The 3050 also looks pretty lackluster outside of 1080p. If that's all you can afford, I would suggest saving up some more money or looking at used cards for a better deal.