Geforce2 MX 200 freezes when in Game Play!!!

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Mar 28, 2002
  1. I have a Gateway 450mgz 256mb RAM system and my Geforce2 MX 200 32 MB (AGP) card freezes always when i play games. Any game. But it dosn't crash right away, a few mins into the games. I change clockcore speeds diversely and test differant driver options & used 3rd party nvidia programs and yet no hope. Only thing I noticed was when ever I alter clockcore speeds sometimes* it takes a little longer to freeze then normal. I have Win XP and all latest drivers. It is useing the same IRQ as my sound card. So if you have the slightest assumption of anything about this problem, speak your mind! And have a nice day :) .
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    Welcome to 3dspotlight forums...

    Also check out the GeforceFAQ (in my signature) which has an extensive section on lockups.
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    it may not be ur graphic card giving u problem after all.....

    if the games hang after a while... maybe the CPU is too hot....RAM timing too fast.... try opening up ur case and see if u can play the game longer..

    or it might be the infinite loop error... try using diff version of det and tr again...
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    I agree.... A well cooled computer is a happy one, always remember that!

    If its when playing games, and only several minutes in, when the CPU and graphics card will have had time to heat under the pressure of crunching all of those zeros and ones.... then that does point possibily towards a potential heating problem...

    Is it a cable jungle in there??? If so, tidy it up.

    Fit some case fans if possible.... one blowing air in and one blowing the hot air out...... these are not expensive and if your case is anywhere near decent it will have places for these to be held.

    Good luck!
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    I've had the same problem last time with my PIII 550 on a MSI BX Master mobo. I was using a MSI GeForce2MX at that time. Games hung 5-10 minutes after they're started. I managed to find a rather crude solution to make the freezes dissapear:

    Change the AGP Aperture Size to 16 or less in the BIOS.

    By doing so, you'll be turning off AGP texturing in your system and performance will hurt. But hey, that solved my problem. Perhaps you can try this if you have exhausted all other options.

    Good luck!
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    the performance will suffer very terribly.... i dun think it is the reasonable solution to it......

    retain ur AGP AS to 64..... disable fast write.... disable everything.. and if necessary... run it at AGP 2X ....

    but anyway... should try the diff dets first......
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    That was why I suggested LampMan to try that as a final option. Anyway, the only performance hit I got by setting the aperture size to 16 was in 3DMark. Apart from that, I couldn't feel any real differences in Direct3D games like Colin McRae Rally 2 and HL.
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    oh yeah.... Note: It's 1x Accelerated Graphics Port. Does this mean anything?
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    That just means that your mobo's AGP port is capable of supporting the 1x standard/speed. Don't worry about it. If your card is AGP 2x compatible, the card will drop down to AGP 1x mode. You won't really feel the difference.
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    Alright, I upadated my Gateway's BIOS to see if this would make a differance, the only differance i noticed with updateing the BIOS is that they 'Gateway' logo on the monitor on start up has better

    I went in a game for it to crash on purpose and have XP see the exact error it would say.. "The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation". What could casue this?

    Well hmm... to be honest i think there are 3 differant drivers sitting around on my hard drive. I have voodoo 3 3000 PCI (which works fine with my system and I can over clock it at a stable 210mhz hehe) drivers, nvidias latest denator drivers and the actual Gateway Geforce 2 MX 200 driver. Right now I'm useing the Gateway driver, but when you uninstall the drivers they dont actually get completely* removed from the system do they? Maybe I should consider a complete reformat... What are your thoughts?
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    You took the words right out of my mouth Lampman..You gonna have to do a reformat. It is sometimes necessary when you change over from a 3dfx card to an nvidia card. The old Voodoo drivers just dont play nice.
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    I agree with svtcobra. It'll solve most of your problems most of the time.
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    Nah, screw i dont want to reformat i dout it will work. My lil Pentium II BX System Board cant handle the card so I'll just stick with my voodoo 3 3000 *shrugs*.
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