Geforce2 MX overclocking & cooling?

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Mar 29, 2002
  1. geforce 2 mx woes

    My computer is currently equipped with a Geforce 2 MX video card. It is a good all around card, but I would like to get more out of it. can anyone tell me what it would take to add a fan to the beast so that I could overclock it without burning it up? It does not have any ports for fans on it. Could I use a free port on my motherboard to plug if a fan for the video card? How about what fan should I even use? Any help at all would be great. Thanks!:)
  2. keno

    keno TS Rookie

    Hi ....
    I would suggest that you save your money and buy a GF2 GTS or Pro ...
    If you provide your current card with super HS and fan ... you will be always limited with your SDR memory...

    GF line of cards are known to be bandwidth bottle necked, that was the reason why top cards use only fast DDR memory for better results ... so even if you OCed the core for about 20MHz you will notice no difference in real life (maybe few FPS in benches)...

    GF2 GTS is cheap now (under $55, i think) and it will give you far better performance ...

    Ken ;)
  3. harpy82

    harpy82 TS Rookie

    actually... i would agree too..... save the money up and go for a better card instead.... dun waste ur time cooling the GF2 MX.... as the performance gain won't be noticable in recent games.....

    but if u really must... i hav a crystal orb... and i must really say.... it is the best one out there..... i can gain a 15 mhz in the core compare to the original heatsink...... but anyway.. a blue orb is more than enough for a MX

  4. svtcobra

    svtcobra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 761

    These guys are 100% correct. The MX line of vid cards from Nvidia is a tough one to work with. Their not very overclockable, their stock speeds are okay at best, and for gaming they arent that great.

    I personally would go for a GF3 Ti200 or an original GF3. Yo ucan get one on Ebay for 100-150.
  5. SuperCheetah

    SuperCheetah TS Rookie Posts: 709

    I'm in with the other guys also. I've heard the new GeForce 4MX series taking alot of heat because of its poor performance when compared with other G4's because it was built on the same core as the GeForce 2MX.

    Anyway, I have a GeForce 2 Pro and I still feel like I need to upgrade so I suggest going for a cheaper GeForce 3 like svtcobra suggests. The performance difference will be monumental!!!
  6. K o R ! K

    K o R ! K TS Rookie

    Save up for a new vid card... A GF4 MX would be good 4 you..

    However if you want to get more out of your trust GF2 MX you can easily change your cooling with an old CPU heatsink. Just add some thermal paste and get some cable ties. Strap it on and then you will have a card that will be more overclockable...

    I have an old GF2MX in my sevond PC and it has been overclocked since the day i got it... Its an Asus GF2MX/t and runs at 230/225 from 175/166 (GPU/Memory).

    This does give you a small increase in performance. Doing this tweak will cost about $20 AU, its up to you whether or not its worth the money.
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