Geforce4 Ti 4200 driver problem?

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Jan 10, 2006
  1. I have used this card for FFxi for 2 years now and did not have a problem with video lag. I recently bought a new MB (Abit KU8 model), hardrive, more memory. I had to reinstall FF and I got the latest drivers for the video card (81.98 Forceware version) the video Bios version reads I have windows XP service pack 2, DirectX 9.0 or better the processor is AMD athlon 64 3700+. I am having VERY bad video lag in populated areas of the game to the point it is almost impossible to play. Everything in my computer is supposed to be better, yet it is even more video lag than before. Can somone help me out as to what I should try? Is it possible that this driver is not going to work for me? I even updated to the latest BIOS on my MB. HELP ME OUT! ; ;
  2. iss

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    The latest drivers are not really meant for such an old card. the best thing to do would be to go to the card makers site and download the last set of drivers they have listed for that card.
  3. thumper81201

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    You can try using the earlier drivers for your video card. I use the same one and the newest driver from Nvidia made my card run slower so I backed out and went to the earlier driver which works much better.
  4. Odog

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    Can someone help me out with the driver I should use? A link might help me. There are so many drivers i'm not sure where to go to get what I need. Do you need more specs on what I have?
  5. iss

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    if you know the maker of the card then go to their website. you should be able to google for the link. if you dont know the maker then you could try a utility like SIW to find out.
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