GeForce4 TI 4200, release date?

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Mar 19, 2002
  1. GeForce 4 TI Serries Help Please!!

    Hi I need some help I plan on asking for a TI4200 card for my birthday on April 17th my question is will it be out at that time? or should i just ask for the $200 and save for the extra $$ for a TI4400 (which i really really want to avoid being the fact if i herd right its $299??) Well so if anyone could help me and leme know if the TI4200 will be out at that time.... Thnx guys or at least were I could get a TI4400 for a reasonable price of 260 or less : ( thanx again...


    My E-Mail is
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    Although Nvidia doesn't list a 4200 anymore, just 4400 and 4600.
    Asus, Leadtek and Gainward also only have these cards listed at their sites.

    3ds pricegrabber
    XTASY GeForce4 TI4400 AGP 128MB DDR 3D/TV Video Card
    (VisionTek) - (30001524) $263.54

    You could also check popular online retailers like and check for the cheapest prices available.
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  4. uncleel

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    Help Please!!

    Well Davy, I had to laugh! :D
    Assuming your folks are buying you this B'day present, it might be possible to pre-order.
    Next option is a CA$H gift. Pop the money in the bank & earn a little interest until you can do a some much needed research.

    Don't be hasty! ;)

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