GeForceFX 5600 Ultra from ChainTech & monitor clicking problem

By Xion
Aug 24, 2003
  1. ASUS A7MD-266
    512M RAM
    Win2K Pro SP4
    Sony HMDA400/L monitor

    I normally have res @ 1600x1024x32

    Opening Outlook Express then selecting the Inbox causes the monitor to go black, click then reappear. This is repeatable every time. Sometimes the screen doesn't come back but rather just goes off like it lost the video signal. The system is usually still running and I can sometimes blindly type in a restart command.

    Web pages like just start their Flash display and it loses the video signal.

    Sometimes open windows don't have their display refreshed and I have to run another window over top or minimize then restore to get it back. Norton Utilities windows do this a lot.

    I've changed drivers a few times trying to fix this. I've dl'd PowerStrip to try and lock the refresh rates, etc. The most current (43.xx) Detonators seemed to make it slightly worse. Changing memory/clock timings on car and mb didn't help...

    I had a similar problem with a GeFroce 3 that I solved by locking the refresh to 60Hz. No luck on this.

    Any ideas ?
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