Geforece 7600gs dual monitor flicker issue :(

By myequation
Apr 26, 2007
  1. I just installed a new gigabyte geforce 7600gs agp card,
    I have a dual monitor setup, with some big *** CRTs
    I had this setup with my older geforce 5500 with NO issues

    Everything seems great with this upgrade except for one really annoying thing..
    My secondary monitor seems to flicker when i click on certain things, Like nivida control panel, or display properties etc etc.
    I'm not making any changes when the flicker occurs, I'm simply clicking the nvidia tray icon

    Anyone had this happen? Is there a fix?
    If you guys need a big list of system specs I can post them.
    But I don't wanna at present (in a hurry)
  2. cris

    cris TS Rookie Posts: 35

    Yes, I have the same problem anytime that I touch anything to do with the graphics card the second screen flickers. I'm not changing any resolutions at all
    every time it happens I'm just waiting for my card to blow up.
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