General soud card failure

By marius1981tm
Nov 26, 2004
  1. A friend has a Siemens Fujitsu Pentium 4, 1.7 Gb the speed processor. I was there to install Win Xp... programs etc and a network card, other than the one incorporated(he had Millenium before that hadn't drivers for that).

    The next day he calls me to tell me the internet doesn't work. I saw that Windows doesn't see the n.card at all. I opened the case and plug out then in again and the internet worked fine. I moved in the PCI slot by mistake the n.card when I closed the case first time I was there - I couldn't fix it well because thouse desktop computers allow only that kind of little cards to fit well, I had to cut a part of this usual n.card(that's why with the case opened it worked the first time).

    Ok. So now he tells me the computer it's powering on by itself sometimes. I tryed to enter BIOS to Disable that option (Wake up on LAN or something) with Del button didn't worked. I made a BIOS update from the internet thinkin' that has some default setting with a display of the button I have to press to Enter BIOS. It dind't, but I foud by different tryes that the button I was searching for it's F2. I solved the problem with the LAN Wakeup.
    After two days he calls me sayng that he can't hear any sound(the day before this problem wasn't there). I got there. The sound card looks workin perfectly, instaled ok. I reinstale it, that tryed another Windows(Me). Everything looked fine but u just couln'd hear any sound. The speakers are ok, I tryed them on a radioplayer.
    So I have no ideea what's the problem with the sound and how can I fix it. Thanks.
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