Geometry Wars PC version

By Aolish
Jun 19, 2007
  1. As we all know this fun game was released for the pc on steam. I decided to get it since I was a fan of the 360 version. However upon playing the game I noticed that the analog sticks don't work. I go to the control options to see if I was able to fix it and I noticed after clicking on where you can config your controllers, on top it says "XBox360 Controller for Windows", .... why does it say that when I have never installed in a 360 controller? I have a Saitek dual analog pad that I would like to use, but it seems there is absolutely no way in changing the "XBox360 Controller for Windows" to another controller. Was this game made only for the 360 controller only? :suspiciou If it was I wish they would of mentioned that before I bought it. :( Will I be forced to get a 360 controller just to play geometry wars?

    EDIT: never mind ignore this thread... i was suppose to click on joystick to config pads that weren't 360 controllers. :dead:
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