Geting Cable soon, need help with home network.

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Oct 1, 2002
  1. Well im finally getting out of the medevil age folks. Getting Roadrunner for X-mas, and i planning on setting up a home network. I plan to network 2 computers and my xbox. Would you all reccomend a rounter or a hub for this setup, which is faster, and how hard is it to mantain either one of them. Also ill need a network program to run it want I? If so please suggest one. Thanks for any advice, peace.
  2. Vehementi

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    You will need:

    a) Two NICs (Network Interface Cards)
    b) One 8-port Router (8 ports for expandability)
    c) Cat5 cabling (The length you need is purely subjective. You need enough cabling to go from your cable modem to your router, to your router to both computers, and to your router from the XBox.)

    If you truly want speedy, then go 1Gigabit. Bahahahaha! You won't need that much, though, so just go 100MB. Gigabit's too expensive. Typical 10/100 NICs will work fine, as well as a 10/100 router. Even 10MB should also be perfectly fine if you want to save money, even games will run smooth.

    It's pretty straightforward. Cable modem -> Router -> Then to your 2 computers & XBox. (-> indicates network cable) The software should all come with your router, no big deal. Windows has some Network Wizard too. Shouldn't be that difficult, actually quite easy these days. Good luck! :grinthumb

    You lucky spoiled dog! I want broadband :(
  3. Vehementi

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    Are you getting a static IP address? If so, get a good firewall...I'd reccomend either a hardware firewall from your router or Norton Internet Security + ISS BlackICE. If you're like ":confused: Static IP? :confused:" Than ask your ISP. Chances are you are.
  4. Phat Stealth

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    Yep static ip, my friend has one. Anyway will a router slow down like when im playing a game on computer and dads surfing or downloading and stuff? Will i need another 2 NICs for this comp, because it came with one, only dads comp needs one. I dont think i will if im routing, because it will go straight from modem to router correct? Thanks for all the advice!
  5. Vehementi

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    No, it won't cause slowdown. Your cable connection will be split between the two computers, which is fine considering you have soooo much bandwidth at your disposal.
    You only need one NIC per computer.
    Yes, modem to router. Then from router to both computers and XBox :D
    Plus you need the broadband attachment for the XBox. Doesn't it slide or clip in or smth? Or wait, I think that's the GC :confused:
  6. Phantasm66

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    ALL of the technology that you will need to share an internet connection of this type is (software wise) built into Windows already and (hardware wise) consists of some cheap network cards and a cheap length of cable.

    (assuming windows 2000 / xp is which best for the job) :-

    Buy 3 network cards, or ensure that you have 3 available (cost nothing.)

    Buy a cheap cross-over cat 5 UTP cable (cost nothing.) Make sure that its a cross-over cable and not a straight through cable which will not work (unless you have more than 1 cable and a hub, which would be necessary for more than 2 machines on your network.)

    Fit 2 network cards in one machine (the server) and the third card in the other machine (the client.)

    connect one network card in server to your cable modem. ensure that you can connect to the internet.

    connect the 2nd NIC in the server via the cross-over cable to the client machine's NIC.

    Now right click "My Network Places" to go into properties for network connections, see the icon for your NIC which is connected to the cable modem. Right click it and rename it "Cable Connection" Right click the other icon and rename is "Local LAN" Now right click Cable Connection icon and go into properties and enable sharing (in XP, select advanced and then tick "allow other network users to connect to the internet using this network connection" or something like that.

    You now have a basic form of Network address translation running (called Internet connection sharing) running on the server machine.

    If you want to share the connection with more than just this client machine (ie. have more than 2 machines on your home network which you indicated that you would with the X-Box) then you will need straight through cables instead of a crossover and you will need a small hub. A little 5 port one is fine. Don't use the uplink port.

    (I think its fairly easy to get this kind of small, internet connection sharing network up and running. You do not need to buy any expensive specialised equipment like a cable router, but in this case the server machine WILL have to be up and running to share the connection with other machines, of course. If you want to just turn whatever machine on and have the others off, then you will need the router.)
  7. Vehementi

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    That's what I was thinking, like if Phat wasn't home and his dad wanted to use the internet than he'd have to turn on Phat's computer...Or the other way around...
  8. Phantasm66

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    I think that small inconvenience is worth saving the $100 or so? Or is it $200????
  9. Arris

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    Use the forum search feature.
    Setting up a two computer home network with cable via router or hub has been discussed in detail before on this forum.

    The search feature is your friend (located top right of the page).

    Search results for "Home network"
  10. Vehementi

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    Ah yes. I think this thread is the most helpful.
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