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By andrewdmills
Oct 7, 2006
  1. I have Windows XP and I've been experiencing a strange computer problem. I recently did a fresh format thinking this would fix the issue. Well it didn't so I'm guessing this is an hardware issue with one of my hard drives. My primary hard drive does make sounds when booting up.

    The issue:
    I turn the computer on and it gets stuck when it gets to the desktop. It seems to try loading programs to run in the background but they can't load. My computer doesn't freeze up but I can't open any programs, folder or anything. So I do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete, go to Shut Down and log off. Then I get an explorer.exe error so I have click End Now. Then log in and everything is fine. This is the only fix I was able to find and I'm an ex-computer technician so it's not like I'm a beginner.

    I'm pretty sure this issue has caused a lot of the other problems I had before I did a format so I would hate to leave my computer like this. I had a lot of currupted files that crashed my DVD burning software and Yahoo Instant Messenger. I'm about to start DJing for an internet radio station and I can't keep formatting. PLEASE HELP!!
  2. andrewdmills

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    Just discovered that my Yahoo Instant Messanger still won't work!
  3. gbhall

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    Find and install the latest revision of your bios, and all drivers.

    Run MSCONFIG and see what starts with your PC boot, and remove (temporarily anyway) everything that is not critical to the working of your PC. If this involves stopping anti-virus and firewall, then don't of course go on the internet!

    Run extended tests in DOS mode of memory and hard disks (using the manufacturers testing software if possible).

    If all fails, then suspect hardware, and again, remove (one by one) all peripherals such as CD, DVD, temp monitor etc. One of the hardest problems I have ever solved have been a bad CD drive which very occasionally caused a freeze. Because your freeze happens at boot time, at least it is repeatable, and should therefore be relatively straightforward to find the cause.
  4. N3051M

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    To add...

    -chkdisk /f to scan your disks for problems and file system corruption
    -HDD diagnostic test using an utility from the manufacturer's website to check if there's any HDD problem
    -try after loging in don't touch the mouse and keyboard untill everything finish loading or HDD stop moving?
    -check data/power cable seated correctly?
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