Getting ATI driver to work with Fedora? Help.

By Mugsy
Jul 1, 2005
  1. Hi, I'm a Windows tech, and have only in the past year started cutting my teeth on Linux (installed Fedora FC3 on a separate dedicated HDD), so bear with me.

    I downloaded and installed the latestet (June 6, iirc) Radeon driver for Linux off the ATI website.

    I installed it with no problems and ran (what was it again) "fglrx"-something at the end from the terminal and configured the xorg.config file for my monitor. Everything installed okay and the ATI Control Panel correctly identifies everything, but I get no acceleration (tested by running Tux Racer).

    I read something about needing "agpgart" installed, but only the "agpgart.h" source file exists on my PC.

    Can anyone direct me to a "step-by-step" for getting the ATI driver working with Fedora?

    Also, if I update the kernal, must I uninstall the driver first, and if so, how?
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