getting data off a HD in a different computer

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Dec 23, 2006
  1. hello everyone, i'm setting up a new computer with a new motherboard, and new harddrive. i have a bunch of stuff on my old HD that i need. can i simply put this in the new one and take the data off it when it's in or is there a procedure for it? the old drive is an IDE and the new one is SATA. i guess the main thing i'm concerned with is that the old one was configured under a different motherboard, so i don't want it to mess something up. i'm a beginner at this! happy holidays everyone!
  2. fastco

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    You can just put it in the new computer but you need to set the jumper on the rear of the drive to cable select then attach it to the IDE controller on the motherboard. Start the computer and make sure it's recognized in the bios. OR you can buy an external Hard Drive case and put the old hard drive in that and plug it in to the new computer through the USB port.
  3. troxartas

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    external hard drive case? sounds pretty easy to use, can you get them just anywhere? also, something weird here, there is no jumper on the back of the harddrive....can you get a jumper and slip it on? thanks for the reply!
  4. Samstoned

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    sata does not use jumper for master / slave
    if you have a sata channel on the MB just hook up the drive format and copy data over format as a basic drive if using for storage only with no OS keep to single partition

    in a hurry to much

    if you stick it in a external box do you need the jumper??
    and me with about a hundred of them lying around
  5. tipstir

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    If you live in the USA you can get the case for the HD at Compusa.

    Ultra ATA
    just connect the power and ribbon screw in the HD. Close the case
    Plugin the USB2 into your PC.

    XP will see the HDD..
  6. nickc

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    or if u intend to keep the older computer just network them and share all that is on the old computer that u want on the new and drag it from one to the other.
  7. troxartas

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    thanks everyone, i'll be considering buying one of these cases. any idea how much they cost? Merry Christmas Eve!
  8. Tedster

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    an IDE to USB converter costs about $20
  9. fastco

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    He said the drive was IDE.. And yes troxartas you can get a jumper from any drive. Here are a few Hard Drive enclosures:
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