Getting FTP (WINFTP Server) to work with VPN

By ibra0078
Sep 17, 2007
  1. Hello everybody

    I am using Winftp Server for about a while now and it works great, I can connect outside of my router to my FTP server. Just recently a script is running to my ftp server and someone is trying to get in. So what I decided to do is to use VPN connection to my network and than just use my LAN IP address for my ftp in windows Explore. I got the vpn connection to work, I can connect from my GF house to my network no problem. The problem now is that when I go into my windows explore from my gf house and type in the address FTP:// it does not work while connected VPN but if I type in my Linksys Route IP address that i have at home from my gf house it works. I been told I have to enable and open up passive mode ports for the connection vpn to work with my ftp using the LAN IP address (

    This is what i'm using

    1. Winftp Server (works if I open up port 21 and no problem when I use my lan or my ISP IP address.
    2. VPN using Windows XPSP2 server as my vpn. I can connected from my girlfriend house but I cant connect to but I can access my Linksys router at home.

    Please help me I am running Windows XPSP2. The ftp software has an option there that says passive port range 1024-1100 (numbers can be change). Also what I tried is open up those ports on my router and still no go if I connect to VPN.

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