Getting old VHS onto DVD via computer?

By Sjbrand99
Apr 7, 2007
  1. Hi there, I don't know wether or not this is the correct forum to post this one in but here goes.
    Okay, so I have many old family videos from holidays etc. from the last 20 years. I have a video player and I can link it up to my computer (I think) and then play it off on my PC screen.
    But here is the problem, is there any software or technique that will allow me to take that stream of video and comvert it into a digital format, or even burn it straight to a DVD?

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    The only problem is that this guide, like many other, olnly shows you how to put mini vhs tapes onto your computer with your camcorder linked up to te PC, but what I need is a guide that can show me how to attach my VHS player to my PC.
    I do not have a digital camcorder or one that can be connected to a computer.
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    the easiest way is to buy a dual VHS/DVD player like pioneer.

    other than that you need a video card that accepts RCA input.
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