Getting packet loss, and connection problems in several apps

By exero
Jun 20, 2006
  1. Hey, I have had the comcast high speed internet and the same linksys BEFSR4 router for several years now with no problems but recently i have had some connection issues.

    Browsing the net is fine (occasional hickups), but when it comes to things such as online games, ventrillo online voice chat, and downloading large files, im having problems.

    What is happening is on all the things i do, the connection does not drop right away, instead it kinda pauses and when i try to do an action (such as activate microphone to chat, or open up a list of info in a game) i lose connection.

    Downloads just seem to pause after a few minutes, the same goes for autopatchers in games and other software like virus definitions.

    I have no idea where to start, but i did run pingplotter for 200 runs on several servers (inluding the game IP's that im losing connection) and im getting packet loss on my personal IP jumps. 10% and up, i read that anything above 2% is most likely a problem.

    Here is the photo of pingplotter HERE , its a test of only a single IP, but no matter what IP i run it on i get over 10% packet loss on the first two jumps (which im guessing have something to do with my end).

    I also ran it on both of my two pc's and both have very simelar results. I also reset both the modem and router. I have tried different networking cables, and have tried static/nonstatic ips, with no luck. Anykind of suggestions to solve this problem would be greatful i do not want to call comcast until i have as much info as i can. Thank you very much for your time.
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