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Dec 5, 2002
  1. To start things off, the card Im using here is a Geforce2 MX400:)rolleyes: ).I have no idea what the clock speeds were before I juced them upto 150MHz(core and memory(I think they were both going @ 100Mhz). However I read on the net the defult speeds for this card are 200/183. I enabled CoolBits at first. It wont let me take the speeds above 100Mhz(both core and mem.). So I powered up Powerstrip....that wont either:( I downloaded Rivetuner which reconizes the card. It will let me take both core and mem. to 150. But thats it. Anyone have any suggestons? Im not sure if my card has been runnign at 100Mhz both ways the entire time I've had it. Never really got into oc'ing that much b4, I just didnt think it was worth the effort. I clearly found it was, because when I put the speeds upto 150Mhz(from 100), I got an extra 1000 3DMarks. Which is nice, but I know I should be getting more...One reason I thinks its been running at 100Mhz the entire time, is because I qucikly put my figure on a memory chip(while the pc was running(silly, I know), and back off. I expected it to be really hot(since its got no heatsinks) or to burn myself. It was neither. I keep my finger on the chip and it was worm. Thats wo/ heatsinks on the chips at all. Ah! Thats when I "oc'ed" the card(an extra 50Mhz, when I should of been able to jump the memory an extra 100Mhz). But any-how, any ideas on when I cant bring the clock speeds above 150Mhz? Im not going to get ram heatsinks, and a better cooler, because Im getting the FX when its out. But i'd still like my card to be running as fast as its ment to be.:( Ideas ne1?
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    What brand is it ?

    Sometimes OEM version of cards ( the ones used in systems such as gateway, DELL, etc ) have slower speeds then the retail versions.

    They can sometimes lower speeds in order to use passive cooling ( no fans ) on the chips, etc.

    Is the GF chip itself cooled with a heatsink/fan ?
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    Yeah - The GPU its self has a cooler, but not the memory. The brand is something like Stealth3D. I forget, the brand is something along those lines(I know its not an Inno3D). All MX400's dont have cooling on the RAM...:(

    But I still want to know why I cant bring it above 150Mhz. As I said, I cant even bring it above 100Mhz in PS or using the CoolBits tab. Just Riva works to get 150. :/
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    Check how fast the memory chips are rated, usually it's indicated by blahblahblah-n, where n is the speed in ns. If they're slow they just won't go faster than that. But still, 150, not to mention 100, sounds a bit too low..
  5. ---agissi---

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    Im not sure what the ns is for the RAM, but I know its SDR(not DDR). Thats cuz its a crappy MX400. Anyhow, the RAM should be running at 183Mhz, stock. So a 150Mhz is too low. Cant wait for the just sux how prices will be $300 for the first 3 months its out. Oh well, Im upgrading (again) sometime after XMAS to a 2400+:grinthumb . Im on a 1700 right now, which is still good.:blush:
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    It could still be a DDR card (there were some GF2MX400s made with DDR although it was crippled DDR i.e. 64bit Bus instead of the 128 of the SDR version) which could explain the 100Mhz (i.e. 2x100 = 200Mhz), although you should still have the options in the overclocking tab to take it over 200Mhz, my GF2MX could (I maxed out the core speed and mem was only 5 from maxed out, after fitting a 486 fan and some custom ramsinks).

    As for GeforceFX being $300, from what I have heard the GF5800Ultra will be $499 and the GF5800 will be $399.
  7. ---agissi---

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    No, I have the 128 bit (look @ the pic). GF5/FX will be around those prices when it comes out. Give it a 3 or 4 months, and it'll start hovering around $300. They along come along for $500 when thwy first come out. Geforce3's and 4's did this, so I assume the FX will. Next thing you know, a GeforceGX will comeout really fast, like for 4 did to the 3.

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    ok - I have no fooz-flung idea of what the fooie is goin' on! I went back to the coolbits tab, I can now clock the GPU and RAM to 334Mhz!(As you can see if you download the pic)The core/GPU was set at 175Mhz, memory was set on 334! Excuse me for just a sec:puke: Ah, much better....nux:thefinger

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    What exactly did you do??
  10. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    If you can set the RAM at 334Mhz then the card would have to have DDR memory, there is no way you could clock 183Mhz memory up that high.

    Also, you are using Detonator 40.xx drivers from your screenshots, these are optimised for GF4MX and GF4Ti Cards, so you would be better off installing some older drivers that are possibly more suitable for GF2 Series, i.e. 23.12s or earlier.
  11. Arris

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    I think he means that the coolbits enabled overclock slider lets it go up that far (334mhz). I doubt that its actually running with that overclock.
  12. ---agissi---

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    Arris is with me here. Just forget the entire thread. I did nothing, then went back to coolbits it claimed the memory was running at 334Mhz.:eek: Im just going to run the defult settings(who knows what they are) and stick with that. Cant wait for the FX:cool: These GF2 speeds are funky(at least on my comp.) Thx & Laterz
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