gf3 ti200 overclock typical results?

By Nick ยท 4 replies
Jan 1, 2003
  1. So far ive oced my gf3 ti200 from 400 mhz memory clock up to 500 mhz without any problems. I've also got the engine clock up to 215 mhz.

    Are these results typical, I haven't installed a new video card heatsink or have water cooling. My system's fsb has been increased from 133 mhz to 142 also and I'm running at 38*c with a 7800 rpm cooling fan. The temperature hasn't increased 1 degree since ive overclocked. Can I keep going higher?

    oh ya and I have memory cooling.
  2. Vehementi

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    So how do you like your lawnmower that doesn't cut grass? My Volcano 9 turned up all the way is unbearable, and it's only 4800RPM. I run at 36C with FSB overclocked to 149MHz, with a 1300RPM fan going on my heatsink :haha:


    Are you getting artifacting at all? When I first overclock a video card I usually go up in 10MHz steppings, and run a game or 3DMark per 10MHz, just to see if I get artifacting. Once I start getting artifacting, I bring it down a little - like 4-5MHz - just to keep it good and stable. This doubles as both a performance measure & a stability test. I've established marks for both my CPU and video card, which are 1936MHz (149MHz FSB) and 280/560MHz, respectively.
  3. Didou

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    I wouldn't advise such OCs. I once had the Hercules GF3TI200, which was garanteed to hit 500mhz with the memory modules. It worked fine for a whole year & started showing artefacts after a while. Even when returning to default speeds, they wouldn't go away.

    OC at your own risk !!!
  4. Nick

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    228/520 now and haven't see any signs of too overclocked...

    is the gf3ti200 the same exact card as the ti500 except the ti500 has a higher clock?
  5. Didou

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    The TI200 had early 4ns memory modules so they are "rated" to run at 400/430 mhz speeds. TI500 has 3.8ns memory modules & are rated to run 500/520mhz speeds.

    Lately, memory makers have been getting better yields because TI4200 cards are equipped with 4ns modules & those are clocked at 500 by default.
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