GF4 MX420 vs GF2 Ti (both with 64MB) Which one to buy?

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Jun 20, 2002
  1. I 'm about to upgade my PC and I need some help to chose one of 2 vga's.The 1st is GF4 MX420 64MB win 2,7Gb/s memory bandwith.The 2nd ins GF2 Ti 64MB with 6,4GB/s.Both have the same prize (94 EYRO).I have to choose better chipset or better memory bandwith?In both cases where do I get the best performance? Any comment or suggetion acceptable. Thank you.
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    I think it has been covered a hundred or so times at least... The MX series of cards are budget cards, supposed to be a "value" card but it isn't even much of that because some of the older cards outperform them and run around the same price.
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    I think this one is actually a difficult question to answer. The two cards you are comparing have distinct advantages over each other depending on what game/app you're running. What do you intend to do with this? Which games do you play? OpenGL or D3D? Which game engines do you prefer? Take a look at that Tom's VGA board and compare some things (as closely as you can) that relate to the games you like to play.

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    GF2 Ti the winner

    I 'd like to thank you for your ansers and to tell you that I'll prefer to buy the GF2 Ti at last.:)
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