Gf4600 ti & doom3 trouble

By mickeymcmahon
Feb 5, 2005
  1. I've got a geforce 4600 ti w/latest drivers and doom3 locks up or goes dark after certain points or so long. Vampire Bloodlines also locks up. Should I keep trying old drivers or think about new hardware? I only have a 250w power supply so high end cards are ??? My audigy might be touble too. Can I really go to my grave without experiencing Doom 3, Half Life 2, or Vampire - Bloodlines?
  2. LG123

    LG123 TS Rookie

    on me old pc i had the same problem and the same video card. bloodlines played ok for 30 minutes and then ,.... i did not manage to get doom 3 to work but it did on my new pc. i do not think there is drivers problem though. doom 3 is just too demanding. about your sound card, my audigy had the drivers from 2002. if it was a driver problem the menu would not appear( yep, this is as far as i got) check for your mobo as well. a good video card should do the trick.
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