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Jan 2, 2003
  1. I just got Ghost Recon Game of the Year Edition and have horrible frame rates. Downloaded all patches, contacted support, they were absolutely no help at all and told me they couldn't help. I've got a P4 3.06, 512 MG RDram, and an ATI 9700 Pro card. I've set every setting in the game to lowest including resolution. Still get about 5 FPS. Anybody else have this problem. Every other game I have runs fine even at 1280 X 1024 res. or higher.
  2. Vehementi

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    Bah every game you have should run excellent at 2048x1536, but it depends if your monitor can support a res that high...I doubt it...

    Anyway we do have a serious problem here. Got any programs running in the background? Like an antivirus program that's scanning your entire hard drive for insurgents? How many times have you played it with the low FPS? I won't even ask if you have the latest drivers installed because I know you do, Cat 3 and DX9 I mean...

    Even my system runs GR @ 1600x1200 great :eek:
  3. olefarte

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    I've got a flat panel monitor that has a max of 1280 X 1024 res. I've tried with anit-virus, firewall and everything else I can find turned off, even my internet connection, even defragged. Still the same thing. I've got DX 9 (but it wouldn't run on DX 8.1 either) and the newest Omega Cat. 3.0 drivers. My computer does not like the regular Cat. 3.0s. I've got the latest drivers for everything. I've installed and uninstalled three or four times.

    At the lowest resolution 640 X 480, I think it was, it ran I guess OK, but at that resolution I'd just as soon not play it.
  4. Vehementi

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    I highly doubt this, since your machine is from Gateway and they wouldn't let something like this slip by, but try opening up your Device Manager ( Control Panel -> System -> Hardware ) and seeing if there are any !'s or ?'s, usually red or yellow. I doubt there are, but there just might be.
  5. olefarte

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    I looked, no conflicts.
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