Ghosting a drive to laptop from desktop

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Aug 11, 2005
  1. How do I ghost a drive from my desktop PC to my laptop? I run the IDE ribbons to the HDs in my desktop, but of course they aren't the same size in the laptop. I have no OS on the laptop if that helps you explain what to do.Thanks in advance for your input/help.
  2. Char_X

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    Well, I can recommend you to follow up my way. When I need copy my HDD to another PC, I use HDD clone image software. It allows me create an exact image of whole my HDD. Then I create bootable CD (due to highest level compression it takes not much space) and restore it onto new PC. Also this software could restore image on every size HDD, but it must have enough free space for it, it mustn't be smaller then image size. All operations took me about 20 minutes. As you don't have any OS on your laptop it might be very convenient for you. But I have a question: what size of your desktop and laptop HDD, and how much space in use on desktop's HDD? So I could definitely tell you, if it's possible.
  3. donjo13

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    I actually know alll that. Its the hardware I'm speaking of. I clone HDDs all the time on Desktops. But I just use the IDE straps. I can't do it that way on my Compaq Laptop. How do I hook up my WD HDD to my Laptop to get the drives image to the other one? Is there a different cable I need to get?
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    There are adapters that let you hook up 2.5" hard drives to normal IDE cables. Just ask your local friendly computer or (serious) electronics dealer.
  5. donjo13

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    Thanks. I got one of the hard drive adapters and am posting this from the laptop!
  6. DarkXShadowX21

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    Ok, So I have a laptop. I need to ghost it. A different way though.

    So I got this laptop and left it at a friends house. He put me under limited account. I can't get into main sources to fix the configurations. they are blocked. My sound is off, cd drive does NOT open. I don't know what to do. Can ne one help me out at all?
  7. Nodsu

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    Ask your friend to give you administrative rights.
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