Ghosting a Workstation using TCP/IP

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Mar 19, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I have Symantec Ghost version 7.5 and am able to ghost Dell Workstations GX-50 and GX-60 model. We have a new shipment of Optiplex SX280 and can not ghost an image of it. We built one workstation and would like to image other workstations from it. The 3.5 diskette ghost disk I made loads the NIC driver, it binds, but then it hangs every single time on the loading. I used the same diskette on the GX-50 or GX-60 model and it works fine. Can anyone tell me why the loading is hanging? Is it because the SX280 is using the ATA instead of the IDE port for the hard drive?

    Thanks for any insight.
  2. Nodsu

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    SATA you mean.. It could be.

    As an alternative to Ghost you may want to try a program called UDPCast. No messing around with network drivers, great performance, you can clone to multiple hosts simultaneously and it's free.
  3. rchall40

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    Re: Ghost 7.5 Hnags on a Dell SX280

    I've got the same problem. My Dells all have 3C905C-TX. I downloaded the latest NDIS2 driver from 3Com. That doesn't fix the problem.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  4. froggieiv

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    I have a similar problem. I run a lab at a high school, and before summer break the boot disks worked, but now they hang up when 'loading'. Our system is the same, except the tech guys probably ran some windows updates or something over the summer. If someone can help, it would be VERY much appreciated!

  5. krisaustin

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    Dell SX280 and Ghost

    Try changing the SATA mode in BIOS to Combination Mode. That worked for me.
  6. tech00

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    How do you change the SATA mode in BIOS to Combination Mode.
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