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Apr 30, 2005
  1. Hi. Because of you great folks here, I was able to get roaming profiles set up at my house. It is great, but I have one gripe. The size of the profile. I keep files in My Documents, because it is easy to get to, as does everyone else in this house. My profile averages around 10gb, and the largest is 17gb, the smallest is only 700mb. The first time I log onto a computer with the 17gb profile, it takes FOREVER to copy everything over. Also, if they have logged onto another computer, and get their profile bumped up another gig or so, and then log onto that other computer, it takes some time because it has to copy that new gb. At school, they have XP Pro, and roaming profiles. They only take seconds to log on, and when you log off, they don't keep your files on the computer. They store files in My Documents, but it doesn't copy those to the computer when using it, instead it just opens to the folder on the network, and runs the files over the network. My question: How do I do this? Have it just load My Documents over the network, not copy it to the computer?
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    Sorry. Forgot to mention I'm not using a server software. The profiles are stored on a machine running XP Pro as well, and just have the folders shared.
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    Dump those profiles. Get yourself administrator-access on the PC where your documents are stored. Map the hd-partition as a network drive to the PC you are working on.
    Then edit your files from there and save on the other PC.
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    I have done that. I'd like to make it easier for the other, more illeterate computer users in this house, and just have My Documents mapped to the files. Possible?
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