Gigabyte 8sg-800 good or bad?

By rmwc
Aug 18, 2003
  1. It seems pretty standard but reasonably good value for money. Good for rookie pc lovers like myself. What do you think? good or bad?
  2. JSR

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    it's just a component

    it depends on what you plan to do.....the product line (Gigabyte) itself is outstanding, and, if that's the direction you're going, you've obviously researched it, go for it
    ps.........since you're a rookie, look into the cost and attribute differential between intel and amd systems to compare
  3. ---agissi---

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    i dun know about the mobo being good or bad (sorry, too lazy right now to look it up)

    but i think for a "rookie-pc-lover" like yourself, the A7V8x is a great mobo. Its fairly cheap, $80 or less if you can find.


    just looked up the motherboard,

    its a pentium board :dead: :blackeye: if thats your gig, cool, but tell you right now, for "rookie-pc-lovers" i think amd is the way to go...almost same performance at certain clock speeds (dont flame me, i know no amd cpu and come up to the 3.2Ghz HT P4) and AMD its tons cheaper.

    anyways, I do thing the mobo is a good mobo, as it supports

    6 channel onboard sound

    To take full advantage of your cpu (depending on how fast it is) DDR400 is nessary, and Agp8x can go with todays videocards. again, i think its a good mobo, but depending on how much it costs, there could be an alternate.
  4. rmwc

    rmwc Banned Topic Starter

    Yeah i think its a fine mobo for wat i need, only problem though is the Ac 97 is comes with is about as technologically advanced as a rock in terms of audio quality. To mr cow aswell true about it supportin the ddr400 coz i have it, superspeed is cool
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