GIGABYTE Computex 2006 Presents the Latest Multimedia Technologies

By Julio Franco
Jun 1, 2006
  1. GIGABYTE graphics accelerator unveils 4 surprises for new-generation power users at COMPUTEX Taipei 2006, introducing compelling PC solutions ranging from Silent-Pipe II – the 0dB-green-thermal design, Turbo Force Ultra technology with up to 30% performance improvement, HD Image Quality at the high-resolution display with Dual-link support and new wireless multimedia networking, and Highest-Rated PC Game Bundles. No matter which GIGABYTE VGA product users choose for their PCs, they are sure to enjoy an outstanding experience designed especially for professionals who appreciate stunning visuals.

    Silent-Pipe II
    Witness the evolution of the revolution. Silent-Pipe II technology that generates natural convection provides more efficient cooling without the use of fans. This is achieved through a unique design that draws cool air in through a new proprietary front-flow thermal module to remove heat from the heat sink on the VGA card. With the improved natural airflow generated by GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe II technology, even hardcore 3D processing applications can run smoothly and reliably with minimal noise from high-speed VGA card cooling fans. With its extremely quiet operation, GIGABYTE Silent-Pipe II technology is ideal for home theatre and media center enthusiasts who require impeccable performance from high-end graphics cards without the intolerable whir of cooling fans.

    Turbo Force Ultra
    Each GIGABYTE Turbo Force Ultra edition VGA card includes T3 technology and V-tuner3 overclocking utility. T3 technology comprises a series of performance tuning processes that ensure maximum performance and stability. GIGABYTE Graphics Accelerators guarantee high clock speeds with Turbo Force Ultra, while other cards can only be overclocked at the user’s own risk. Additionally, Turbo Force Ultra cards would deliver 30~50% better performance than standard cards for enthusiasts together with unprecedented realism for 3D graphics applications.

    HD Image Quality
    GIGABYTE is ready for high definition gaming fun. To assure every consumer of ultimate video quality, Dual-link DVI support has been a standard feature on VGA product line. Dual Link technology doubles the display bandwidth through a single DVI connection to support ultra-high resolution output and significantly increase productivity. Want a bigger canvas to realize a big idea? Plus, one fantastic wireless multimedia solution is coming. GIGABYTE Wireless VGA really achieves boundless communications with MPEG2 video compression by 802.11 a/g MIMO.

    Highest-Rated PC Game Bundles
    With outstanding performance from the latest graphics cards, a range of amazing cinematic special effects are possible. Complimenting industry leading performance features, GIGABYTE offers a whole raft of wonderful game bundles, including the Version 4 of FPS classic “Quake 4” and the famous HDR benchmark game “Serious Sam 2” amongst others. What’s more is that GIGABYTE is devoted to offering more and more highest-rated gaming titles with future VGA cards.

    About GIGABYTE
    GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd., established in 1986, is now celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2006. GIGABYTE has earned a global reputation for its outstanding achievements in the motherboard industry by upholding the concept of innovation, quality and reliability. Multiple national awards, such as the Golden Brain Prize and the Taiwan National Quality Award, had shown high recognition to it. The Taiwan Symbol of Excellence, especially, has granted GIGABYTE awards for eight consecutive years which set an unmatched record in the motherboard industry.

    GIGABYTE is dedicated to providing total digital life solution for customers - from product concept and design, to mass production, all the way to integration. GIGABYTE’s ever expanding product family of motherboards, graphics cards, PC peripherals, Desktop/Notebook PCs, plus wireless networking and servers, represents a complete computing solution. The spirit of “Upgrade Your Life” at GIGABYTE is clearly reflected through its commitment to researching newer technology and innovative design as well as ensuring product quality. Now and in the future, GIGABYTE will continue to follow its vision of becoming the most valuable brand of digital life solutions in the world. For more information about GIGABYTE, please visit its official website at:
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