GIGABYTE:DVD Writer problem

By subabratha
Jan 25, 2007
  1. My gigabyte DVD writer does't have any problem in burning DVDs but when i try to play the same DVD in the does't recognise the disc.I tried to burn movies,music, but the drive does't recognise any of them when trying to play the disc.

    It burns normal CDs and plays them without any problem,even DVD movies play fine...

    its a DVD+R DL,4X 16X16.

    I use a brand called tech-com for the DVDs.

    please help.
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    I've seen simliar behavior many times before... It's always resulted in replacing the drive.

    CD burners have a laser that is powered at two different intensities. One laser reads, the other writes. Just a guess here, but I bet DVD burners work the same way. I'm also willing to bet the same laser that writes and reads DVDs also writes and reads CDs.

    So what I'm thinking is CDs and DVDs both require different laser wavelengths at specific distances for being read and written to. If the above is true, then my explanation might be that the read laser is no longer able to align itself or cannot produce the correct intensity to read DVD formats, while the other CD/DVD R+W functions work adequately.

    Well, anyway, DVD burners are cheap. You can get a good one for around $30. :)
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